de Leeuw in ‘t Veld

Sound Recordist

    27:01 : Thoughts in Percussion @ IFFR, Worm, Rotterdam [NL]
   02.03 : LQRQ @ Peel Slowly & See, Leiden [NL]

Photo by Hoekelement
Artist Statement

In the realm of audiovisual art, I am primarily a performing musician who embraces experimentation across various media. Through video, photography, and sonic arts, I weave a tapestry of expression that serves and enhances my musical vision. My ultimate goal is to create immersive and interactive installation performances where music, sound, and image coalesce into a unified experience.

As a percussionist, drums have been an integral part of my life since a young age. This rhythmic foundation has instilled in me a unique perspective that resonates with social and existential themes. I explore the intricate rhythms of life, the fluidity of time, and our relationship with technology. By embracing chance and spontaneity, I embrace improvisation as a central element of my work. It allows me to authentically engage with my investigations and open myself to the influences of the present moment. Through this creative journey, I strive to uncover profound truths and create honest artistic expressions.